Saturday, August 20, 2005

Rodney on Marae

I was just channel flicking and saw Rodney on Marae so I stopped to watch it. It was quite good they had him up about "Maori Bashing" and other similar issues and he did really good and shot all the questions donw and showed ACT in a really good light, good on ya Rodney keep it up we are getting there.

Friday, August 19, 2005


Monday, August 15, 2005

Promises, Promises

All Talk no Action??
Labour has made election promises for every single election they have won, yet I haven't seen too many of them actually hitting the street.

And see below, they can't even run a website.

Labour Website

What a joke, Labour's website will load up the front page, but then when you try to do anything it will not load any further giving HTML errors if you try to go any further along this seems just a little funny to me, where is the effort, you would think as the Government of the day you could at least get your Website to work.

Is this a sign of how good Labour really is in these days of a technology driven world??

Aussies chase World Record

You'd think this was a good thing, but no the Aussies have been set 423 to win the third ashes test, this if completed would be a world record for victory in a fourth innings of a test match.

The story states that no team has ever scored more than 418 to win a test match.

So if England can bowl Australia out on the fifth day for less than 422 we will see england taking a momentous lead in the Ashes series, 2-1 up noone would've predicted that heading into the series.


This seems to be talking about a coalition against something rather than a coalition of togetherness to lead the country through the next three years.

It seems to fit the old adage, "The enemies of my enemy are my friends"

The only point that seems to hold all three of these parties together is that they don't want Winston First or National to be in power after the election. This is a coalition built on having the same enemies rather than on policies.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

England in control

The Ashes looks to become 2-1 as England appear to be in control after achieving a healthy 1st innings lead and at Lunch are 168 runs ahead with no wickets down.

This lead, could possibly see England with the opportunity to win the ashes series for the first time in a few years. The Aussies have to be tearing their hair out. Anytime the Aussies lose at cricket is good for me even if they are beaten by those dirty poms.

New Blog

I don't know if I told everyone on here yet, but I have started a new blog to run alongside these ones :D Dollars, No Sense

Unfortunate Angle

How's this for a shocking camera shot, the camera man has had a shocker and needs to think about his photo before he takes it.

Friday, August 12, 2005

John Campbell, the Greenie, loves the sound of his own voice.

John Campbell can't keep his mouth shut. It's official.

If speaking time in last night's leaders debate translates into votes on election night, New Zealand's next prime minister will be John Campbell.
A survey taken last night showed Campbell's voice took up 14 minutes and 56 seconds of the debate's time, nearly twice as much as the most vocal politician. More shocking is this

Campbell's opening address and introductions alone took up 3min 46secs, more time than Maori Party co-leader Tariana Turia had through the entire debate (3min 10secs).
He also spent 54 seconds at the end in an earnest plea for people to cast any vote at all. We all know who Campbell will vote for.


Linked article

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Metal Matfield??

The question of the day is...Did Victor Matfield ahve a metal plate on his arm??

Well if he did he obviously won't have on next week against the aussies that would just be stupid. Here is the response of the springboks.

ENVY???? they say envy, now that is laughable, yes we are so envious of the springboks that we would claim that. Lets look at this, Springbok rugby is dirty at the best of times, food poisoning 95 world cup, ear biting 96, eye gouging 97, more biting 98, and fights, and more eyegouging ever since, so now can we ad metal plates 05 to the list??

Here is the current voting on the stuff poll, Updated 1:30am.

ยป Do you believe claims that Springbok Victor Matfield plays with a metal strip hidden under strapping on his forearm?
See story
Yes (154 votes, 35.1%)

No (214 votes, 48.7%)

Not sure (71 votes, 16.2%)

Update: On this post I have had a comment by some anonymous telling me to shut up basically, I just ant to post here for everyone to see, I was not exactly being serious in this post, if you have a problem with what I say at least post your name and don't hide behind anon. Cheers to all the listeners - Jono

I wonder

I wonder if Peter Dunne will find a way to bring this up in the leaders debate tonight?? Transmisson Gully is a huge standing point for him especially in his home electorate of Ohairu-Belmont, I live in the middle of Johnsonville, and I know that a lot of the reason United Future gets back each time is because of the votes in this electorate. To start with this is the electorate that continues to put Peter Dunne in Parliament, secondly his party gets nearly double their overall support in this electorate, last election United recieved 13% in the electorate compared to 7% across the country.

There are several reasons for this support, one is he has done a lot for this electorate, saving fire stations etc, but that is more the job of a councillor isn't it, he has achieved a lot for the people and he is always out and about in the community which must help him, and also noone really puts a good candidate against him, last time we had an ex cop from National and Labour put up some random, who could've been puled off the streets I heard nothing about her. This even though Labour was in the middle of their paint Wellington red campaign.

This election I only know of two candidates so far for Ohairu Belmont, they are Peter Dunne and Heather Roy, I have had more leaflets from Blumsky than from any candidates in this electorate. This is confusing for me and I am sure it doesn't help those out there with less knowledge of the politics around at the moment.

Heather Roy for Ohairu-Belmont 2005

Leaders Debate

Well part one of the Leaders Debate has to go to Anderton and Dunne, for taking TV3 to court and winning. I personally think Dunne should've been included, but Jim Anderton is a joke he doesn't have a party bugger off, you aren't wanted. Here is the story oh what a joke, I probably would've been in more of an uproar if Rodney had been left out, but this is funny, it has kind of made a farce of TV3 being independent.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Who'd live in London right now

Who'd live in London right now.

I guess a result of an open immigration policy and 'open' borders is that the floodgates can open. This is exemplified in London which has a vast array of cultures and peoples. When I lived there I liked it. Now that I'm gone, I like the fact I'm no longer there. Why?

Intelligence chiefs are warning Tony Blair that Britain faces a full-blown Islamist insurgency, sustained by thousands of young Muslim men with military training now resident in the country. The grim possibility that the two London attacks were not simply a sporadic terror campaign is being discussed at the highest levels in Whitehall, the centre of the British government.
As police and the security services work to prevent another cell murdering civilians, attention is focusing on the pool of migrants to Britain from the Horn of Africa and central Asia. Intelligence service MI5 is working to an estimate that over 10,000 young men from these regions can use light weapons and military explosives.
A well-connected source said there were more than 100,000 people in Britain from "completely militarised" regions, including Somalia and its neighbours in the Horn of Africa, and Afghanistan and territories bordering the country.
A very high proportion of these 'militarised' are Muslim men.

Linked article.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Life is short

Not Politics or Sport, but I need to post on this.

Yesterday I went to a funeral. It was for oe of my best mates little sisters who passed away from cancer. It has shown me yet again that life is short and we have to live for today, diseases like cancer don't differentiate between ages and they don't pick between good people and others, they can take anyone at anytime. The strength of a person really shows in these times.

The funeral was a great celebration of her life and showed how much people really care, it has taught me a few things. No matter what happens in life you have to be strong, you have to live for today and the rest will take care of itself, and most importantly your friends are the ones that will be there for you through the hard times, no matter what happens you can't lose contact with these people.

No matter what happens your friends will be there for you and will be strong for you, even if you can't be for yourself.

I have also realised that a funeral is about a celebration of life and a way to share memories that you have. It is also about supporting each other and being there.

So always live life to the full, love your friends and don't lose contact.

Carpe Diem


Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Blog lite

Apologies to all our loyal viewers, I am very busy right now so it will be blog lite for a short while. Cheers.

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