Monday, October 24, 2005

Violence on TV

We all need a Scapegoat

Why the Fuck does this article keep coming up, I don't know about any of you, but I think the cartoons when I was younger were actually a hell of a lot more violent than most of the ones today, although I spose Dragonball Z would be the exception, but I spose we also saw Batman's Biff, POW etc as well, but on Looney tunes we learnt that cartoons can fall off a cliff, pause with a sign and then fall and they just end up flat, some characters can run thru a tunnel while the ones chasing them will either run into a wall or a truck or train coming thru.

But come on, you can't tell me violence on TV is the reason for fanily violence or the violent kids we have today that is bollocks, personal responsibility people, sort it out and think about what you are doing and letting your kids doing, I would be willing to put money on the fact that It is more likely the parents fault than that of the TV.

Why is everything blamed on something else, is it just so everyone has a scapegoat incase they fuck up.

I have decided on a new plead in court, I have just murdered someone, I am standing trial, I stand up and plead Not Guilty, by way of TV caused it.

This is the way our fucked up system is going everyone has a scapegoat bugger off.

Case of long time no post

Sorry I been down a lot lately so haven't been around, after the election and the burnout that caused I have been trying to stay away for a while get a bit of a rest in.

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